2017-07-22 13_16_42-SILVERMIC17AUGFUT
TAKE PROFIT done at 37800-38000 level. Now will add on retracement or if price crosses this major resistance area comfortably 

Currently in 1200 points profit in Silver .The momentum doesnt seem to be ending. But iwill have to see how the price reacts to the major zone of 38300.This level has acted as support 3 times in a 1 year time zone so i wont be surprised if it acts as a major resistance this time around. I have done profit booking on this trade so i am on the safer side here. But i will surely get out of the remaining lots i have here and wait for price to retrace if price reverses from this zone.

Ill do fresh buying again once the volume/momentum is back to bullish. BUT and a big but..IF and a ever bigger IF ..the price breaks through this resistance in a very big move ..and maybe kisses the zone again to go back up ..ill load all in this again because that would mean the rally has not died and a fresh 1000+rally would begin.

Crude swing taken at 3005 ;Target:3075+

Took a swing trade in crude at 3005 just before the EIA report was released around 7:30 pm 19 july. As expected the results were bullish for oil and it flew.. The momentum is very strong and it had a breakout of last weeks high.

Expect it to reach 3075 area from here. nice 70 points profit.

crudeswing 19july
Took entry around this point
crude swing 19july
Two morning stars.. expect same upmove above
Will book profits around 3077 area and if very bullish this may go till 3150+
Also had a nice intraday trade at the end of session after the triangle breakout after consolidation of big move