silver trade stopped out loss-400 points/ Crude short entered -50 points profit running

So sadly the last silver trade was a loss making one. I will admit that i broke a rule and went before a breakout/retest but it was due to a bullish engulfing forming on the daily..that doesnt happen often..but i did go at some pullback as per plan so the loss is minimal. Also silver seems to go bullish anytime now..just waiting for the breakout now until then i wont enter this time…2017-09-29 09_09_27-XAGUSD_ 16.812 ▼−0.24% - Unnamed - TradingView.png


Crude on the other hand gave a nice reversal trade.. and i actually got a pretty decent entry ..40 points from day high ..but 60 points from day low  :p ..

2017-09-29 09_09_58-Positions _ Kite
nice entry taken..lets see where it goes..


I mostly expect this move to be a higher low formation wont set a big target this time like the last trade in crude. But quite big red candles while falling down i must admit. This being crude.. tight sl’s in place 😛 lets see.


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