Ill be very frank here.. i do have a swing mechanical system in crude oil.. its like i have to check my phone for five seconds every hour and check if there is signal to buy or sell. Gives around 2-300 points a month .. which goes to upto 10-15 points a day..try doing that everyday on intraday with a full time job :p but..its just because its crude..its volatile..

In everything else i believe that naked trading/price action/trendline work wonders..

The silver trade is still going on right..ill just show the trendline trades since july in this..

2017-09-27 15_06_45-SILVERM17NOVFUT - 39932
4 hour chart thats potentially 6000 points in profits if considered a fixed target of 1000 points and sl of 500 points.

Also as seen the latest trade taken in silver is a potential traingle breakout on the 4 hourly chart. The only reason i went in before the breakout was because of the bullish engulfing on the daily. also the sl is just below the triangle base..so that was a good trade when risk to reward is considered. 400 points risk for around 1500 points.


Just for the record to reassure me the power of trendlines iam posting this :p Lets see if the current silver trade is profitable

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