CRUDE /SILVER intraday trades 21 july 2017

Two nice setups in both crude and silver which are still active but took partial in both and will keep them running till EOD also will see if i get a chance to reenter the trades if i see strong signs of reversals on key retracements.

  1. crude trade:
2017-07-21 17_30_10-CRUDEOILM17AUGFUT - 3000
crude intraday trade 24points(profit booked ) some quantity still running

The crude trade was mostly on price action then the system. There was a sudden reversal in prices with high volume. but i waited till it broke the days low and then entered the trade. Booked profit at the next important pivot level. Hope that it retraces back to around 010 region so that i can add back .


2) silver trade:


Entry : when the price broke through the days key resistance which  was tested quiet a bit in the day. It was also coincidentally last days high. Once it crossed it price just flew up and i was waiting for the breakout eagerly ( PATIENCE!!). I booked profit at 100 points and there are some lots still running and ill add if price rebounds from key retracements. I do see momentum but this being silver anything can happen. Ill still make money if it goes 3-400 points up from here with the remaining lots.


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