2017-10-17 14_54_07-SILVERM17NOVFUT - 40010


just look at this beauty.. 😦 and i missed it.. thank you night shift :/ ..i have added half here..but thats literally useless in my view almost lost 200 points . All i can do now is wait if the price retests the upper levels and then add the other half.. .else..bad luck aur kya..


lets see

Still holding crude short / booked half at breakeven (not confident)

2017-10-14 02_04_56-Silver Micro Futures Chart - Investing.com India

The current price is exactly where i had entered last day in crude.. it went around 55 points up from my entry ..i took a risk and increased the stoploss price as i expected some resistance and pullback at that point and being frank here..i did just so that i could exit at a smaller loss..

Price action did something interesting here..the price fell rapidly down again.. i booked half here.. at no profit no loss.. other half is still running ..but i cant see any move clearly from here.. lets see



FIRST LOOKING AT THE WEEKLY..THERE IS A HAMMER CANDLE.. The next week will mostly be bullish.

2017-10-07 10_32_34-XAGUSD_ 16.792 ▲+1.3% - Unnamed - TradingView


Now moving to the 4 hourly chart.. there is bullish confirmation here..

2017-10-07 10_27_58-XAGUSD_ 16.792 ▲+1.3% - Unnamed - TradingView
Major trendline break then retest now assured bullish movement

Also the major bearish channel has also been breached.. lets see.. mostly bullish